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Llamedos Holiday Camp Newsletter

Llamedos Holiday Camp 2020 - Newsletter 3

Schmae Campers!

Have you bought a ticket yet?

No? Then why not?

We don’t have a huge amount of weekend tickets left available so if you want to be there all weekend then hurry up and buy yours today on our ticket page.

Day Tickets will soon be available for those who cannot attend, we will send out a newsletter when we are ready to make them available with more details.

Sorry, our mistake, you have already bought a ticket!

We bet you are asking why this newsletter has come out via the mass mailing list rather than the attendees list?

There is a simple answer to this question, some of you who have already bought tickets, still have not done the boring admin bits.

We know it's not the most exciting activity to do but it's a very important thing to do.

We need you to fill in the names and email addresses of everyone who is attending the Llamedos Holiday Camp and to do this you must be registered on our splendid attendees database.

To find out if you have already registered, head over to the Guest Area and login.

If you can't login, check you emails to see if you have registered.
You'll be looking for emails from mail@llamedosholidaycamp.com with the Subject line "Please confirm your registration with Llamedos Holiday Camp"

Click the link and then you will be asked to enter a password.
If you have already registered, it will ask you to Login with your email address and password

Why is registering now rather than later important?

The main reason is communication.

To be able to send you relevant important information, we have an exclusive attendees only mailing list.

To be placed on that exclusive mailing list, we must have your email address AND you must have accepted the invite to join that mailing list.

If you DO NOT do this as soon as possible, you WILL MISS the important newsletter about hotel bookings.

There are lots of other reasons why you need to complete your ticket details such as your badge names, food allergies, birthdays and the all important ICE name and number (In case of Emergency).

All of these details help us provide a better experience for all the Llamedos Holiday Camp Guests. After all, you wouldn’t want to be fed a meal that contains food items you are allergic to or miss out on getting an important prize because your birth date is 1st February 1934 would you?

The ICE Name and Number is a very important one. Many of you are attending on your own and if something happened to you, we have a duty of care to contact your loved ones and let them know what has happened, and where to come and get you from.

Register Now so you don't miss out tomorrow

If you have registered and accepted the invite to the exclusive Attendees mailing list, ignore this newsletter. (We could have told you that at the top, but we like making people read things.)