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Llamedos Holiday Camp Newsletter

Llamedos Holiday Camp - Newsletter 1

Schmae Campers!

You signed up to this newsletter not really knowing what you were letting yourself in for, didn’t you?

Are you sitting in a comfy chair?

I’m going to tell you a little story about how the Llamedos Holiday Camp came into being.

Way back on the 1st April 2019, in a little hotel where a Discworld Convention was being held in Ireland, a writer and their editor decided to play a little joke on their readers by stating there would be a Welsh Discworld Convention in 2020. They said it would be held over the weekend of the 26th-29th Feb (which isn’t a weekend) in a little town called Llanbobl (which doesn’t exist).
Reaction from the Discworld fans was outstanding, they were all so taken in by this little joke that it wasn’t funny anymore and after the writer posted that it was indeed an April Fools Joke, the writer and their editor actually considered hiring security because the fandom was not very happy with them.

So unhappy that some of them pinned the writer down into a very comfy sofa and demanded that the Welsh Discworld Convention now actually happen with the writer as chairman.

The Will of The People prevailed and with a slight change of title, the Llamedos Holiday Camp was born.

So why the Llamedos Holiday Camp?

We’ve been listening to fans at events up and down the country (and across the water), scribbling down what they like and don’t like about conventions and fan events.

As a result, we took on board everything everyone said and threw away the Discworld Convention Handbook and looked instead to an event which only happened once. The Discworld Jamboree (it happened in 2007 in case you didn’t know about it).

Many had waxed lyrical about how wonderful it was to be part of something that could have potentially happened on the Disc itself. So we talked to Uncle C (named changed to protect the guilty) and took everything he said about running it on board. We gathered a committee (many of which actually volunteered) and started work.

We decided to run Llamedos Holiday Camp in a hotel because most UK holiday camps are not suitable and there aren’t any in Wales (Llamedos roundworld equivalent) anymore.

What’s it all about then?

The Llamedos Holiday Camp is a convention like no other.

You, the potential guest is invited to come and spend a weekend in a little place in Llamedos on the Discworld. Yes, in a bit of the Disc.
You will treat the place like you live in Ankh-Morpork or Uberwald or Genua, Four-ecks or elsewhere on the Disc and become a citizen on holiday.
All activities are the kind you would find in a holiday camp if they had actually existed in Llamedos.

You will be divided up into families such as the Oggs, the Ironfoundsons, the Nobbs etc and compete to be the best family over the weekend.
The activities are all geared up to give points to the winning family as well as prizes to the individuals.

Imagine being judged in the Witch Trials by Granny Weatherwax herself or having Dr Hix test you on your knowledge of the geography of Uberwald. Dream about the amazing voice of Perdita X. after hearing her sing the camp song or have nightmares after also hearing Rincewind sing it.
All this and much more will happen at the Llamedos Holiday Camp, but it will only be really fun if you all take part in as many events and activities as possible.

How have we made that possible?

There is only ONE event room, and ONE activity room and the Neuadd Marchnad alongside the bar area.
The main event room is more than large enough to hold everyone sat around tables cabaret style (no theatre seating here) and also give more than enough space for people to get in/out/shake it all about.
It also has a stage and a dance floor!
What more could you possibly ask for?

What’s included in the ticket price?

One, two, many, lots of things.

Tickets give you a welcome pack which will include your Llanyard and ticket, the programme of events and a readme plus some other information.
You will also get a goodie bag, which should have some CWL stuff in it.
Your ticket will give you access to all the events and activities (although one or two of the arts & crafts activities may have an extra charge) and it will give you an unlimited free downloads of iconographs of the event as we will have walking Iconographers available to take your iconograph.

The special thing about your ticket is that it gives you a one course evening meal* on both Friday and Saturday night AND a special ticket to the Prestigious Llamedos Holiday Camp Costume Ball on the Sunday Evening.
The Ball is the Highlight of the weekend and also our closing ceremony which will allow everyone time on Monday morning to pack and leave with the minimum of fuss.

* if you like dessert, you can order one separately from the hotel

When can you buy tickets?

Soon, real soon, well we say soon but... we have a lot of work to do behind the scenes to make it all happen. And we would rather make sure our ticketing website doesn’t crash when you all try to buy tickets.

We will let you know well in advance, in fact you’ll probably get two more newsletters before we go live with the ticket sales. Seeing as you’ve read this far, you have gained an advantage.
All our newsletter subscribers will get told first that there are tickets on sale.

Oh, you need to know one of the important bits now, there is only 150 tickets. Yep only 150.

That makes the Llamedos Holiday Camp one of the most exclusive Holiday Camps on the Discworld.